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Always Be Pure Forest Therapy Ultra Calming Toner (30ml) 

Refresh your face with an all-natural, alcohol free toner 🌿
16,490 ppm of cypress water exctracted from a clean forest and Forest complex which help to protect and soothes your sensitive skin.
It is made safe with all green natural ingredients🌱🌱 and acid balanced toner without skin irritation.🌼

Skin soothing (Soothing effect for sensitive skin)
Nutrition supply (Contains chamaecyparis obtuse water and 12 forest complexes)
Moisturization (Rich Moisturization effect from 3 layers of hyaluronic acid)
Safe ingredient (Use of EWG Green-level ingredients)
No stickiness (Fresh feeling without stickiness or greasiness)


Recommended for:
· All skin types, sensitive skin
· Concerned about greasy face
· Concerned about blackheads and whitehead
· Dull skin and visible pores


How to use:
After cleaning, apply moderate amount on cotton pad or hand. Spread softly from inside to outside to absorb. For intensive moisture care, apply appropriate amount on cotton pad and place on your skin for 10 minutes. Remove the cotton pad and gently tap for better absorption.


Country of Origin:Korea

>Kindly CLICK HERE to purchase<

Always Be Pure Forest Therapy Ultra Calming Toner (30ml)

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