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This cream contains 9700 ppm of cypress water extracted from clean forest and Forest Complex. It protects and soothes sensitive skin while delivers deep and long-lasting moisturizing.


It is a cool watery-type cream that absorbs into skin immediately without stickiness. Protect your skin from external heat stimulation such as light and UV ray during daytime; filling moisture and soothing effect over the night for irritated and dry skin.


✔ Soothing
✔ Moisturizing
✔ Cooling


Recommended for:
✔ All skin types, sensitive skin
✔ Concerned about excessive sebum, keep water and oil balance
✔ Red and irritated skin
✔ Dry and rough skin


How to use:
After toning and serum, take moderate amount of this cream and gently spread onto the face. Massage to allow full absorption.




Country of Origin:Korea

>Kindly CLICK HERE to purchase<

Always Be Pure Forest Therapy Ultra Calming Cream 50ml

RM115.00 一般價格

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